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Concept Design

The Importance of Concept Design

Concept design is the first step in creating a unique identity that reflects the spirit and purpose of a place. At this stage, creative ideas are developed taking into account the purpose of use of the space, style preferences and customer needs. In addition to ensuring the space is aesthetically appealing, concept design also considers functionality, user experience and brand identity.

Approach of Studio Haus Architectural Office

Studia Haus Architecture Office adopts a first-class approach to understand the expectations of its customers during the concept design process and to offer them the most suitable design. The team communicates closely with customers, gathering detailed information about their needs, preferences and goals. This information is used to determine the character and style of the space.

Concept Design Process

Identifying Customer Needs

In the first step, the experts of Studia Haus Architecture Office meet with the client and talk in detail about their needs, goals and preferences. Issues such as how the customer wants to use the space, what feeling he wants to create and what style he prefers are discussed.

 Research and Inspiration

During the concept design process, the Studia Haus Architecture Office team conducts extensive research and looks for sources of inspiration. Architectural trends, color palettes, material options and similar elements are examined. At this stage, original and creative ideas suitable for the purpose of the space are developed.

Concept Creation

The most critical step of concept design is to bring together creative ideas and inspiration to give the space a unique identity. Studia Haus Architecture Office creates the concept of the space, taking into account the needs and preferences of the customer. Elements such as color palette, material selection, furniture arrangement and lighting are determined at this stage.

 Visualization and Presentation

Presenting the concept design in a visual way gives the client the opportunity to better understand how the space will look. Studia Haus Architecture Office presents the concept to the customer using 3D visualizations, renderings, mood boards and similar tools. These presentations play an important role in getting the customer's feedback and moving the design in the direction they want.

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